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At LLCPrime, our mission is to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully establish and manage their limited liability companies (LLCs). We envision a future where starting and running an LLC is simple, accessible, and efficient for all.


LLCPrime was founded in 2014 by Jessica Henderson, a seasoned entrepreneur and legal expert. With over 15 years of experience in business law and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small business owners, Jessica identified the need for a comprehensive online platform dedicated to LLC formation and operation.

Founder: Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson is a renowned expert in business law and has dedicated her career to assisting entrepreneurs in navigating the legal complexities of starting and managing businesses. Having witnessed the hurdles faced by numerous clients while establishing their LLCs, Jessica recognized the opportunity to streamline the process and make it accessible to all.

Purpose of Website

The creation of our website was driven by the desire to simplify the complex world of LLC formation and provide accurate and reliable information to entrepreneurs and business owners in one central location. With LLCPrime, we aimed to eliminate the guesswork involved in starting and operating an LLC by offering easy-to-understand guides, customizable legal documents, and essential resources.

Our Objective

Our objective is clear-cut – to be the leading online resource for LLC formation and management. Through our website, we strive to empower entrepreneurs to take control of their business endeavors by offering step-by-step guidance, expert advice, and access to high-quality tools that save time, money, and resources.

Target Audience

Our website caters to a diverse audience, including aspiring and existing small business owners, entrepreneurs seeking optimal business structuring, and individuals looking to convert their sole proprietorship or partnership into an LLC. We take pride in providing value to individuals at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey — from those in the initial planning phase to established businesses looking to maintain compliance and grow their operations.

Unique Value

What sets LLCPrime apart is our commitment to offering reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information from an experienced team. Our website is backed by a team of highly skilled individuals who meticulously research and curate content, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and comprehensive information regarding LLC formation, operation, and compliance. With our focus on providing actionable insights and access to customizable legal documents, LLCPrime offers exceptional value that busy entrepreneurs can rely on with confidence.

Join us on our mission to simplify LLC formation and management, and unlock the potential of your business with LLCPrime!

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